Sound Mind and Body is run by me, Diana Nash!

I started life as a performer. From the moment I could talk, I would sing! I would get out of doing household chores to perform in front of guests or anyone that would watch or listen!

I studied performing arts at college and have been involved in all sorts of creative pursuits throughout my life. Bands, musicals, voice over for television, singing, song writing.


Music has been and continues to be present in everything I do. I love nothing more than sitting in front of the piano and letting my soul sing.

I was leading singing workshops in schools, where I was spotted by a wonderful soul who asked me to come work for him. This then led to a 15 year career working with disadvantaged young people and their families. Throughout this time i worked in many different roles with some of the most challenging young people who were deemed as unreachable where I often used music as a tool to engage with them. Music is a part of us all. I learnt so much during this time and am grateful to all of them for all things they taught me (no matter how hard the lesson was at the time!) Separately during this time, I also taught singing in a secondary school, ran a vocal youth group and led music workshops -  I was a busy bunny!!


After having my two children, i found the pressure of my job, alongside being a mum and all my other responsibilities was making me burnt out physically and mentally and decided it was time for a change. To put me and my family first.


This is when I let go of fear and stepped onto my spiritual path.

I took a leap, left my job and I joined my husband to help run our family business, Love Kitchens, which was a complete change of pace for me.  However, it gave me the space to breeze and reconnect with myself.


I was meditating one day and had a sore throat. I felt the need to hum along and so did, afterwards my throat felt better.

I thought to myself, “I wonder if there is a connection between sound and healing in the body” and started researching – then I found sound therapy, or maybe it found me!

Music and sound, helping people find their true self and path are such passions of mine and I’m blessed to have embraced my calling. Sharing my experience and is both humbling and gratifying.


Using the voice and instruments to bathe you in a symphony of sound


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