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These bowls first appeared in the West, or so it is said in around 1970 as a result of “Hippie” travellers spending time in India. 

Many people have tried to find information on these bowls but precious little is actually known or spoken about them. Many bowls that are available today come from various regions, so the bowls are more referred to today as Himalayan bowls rather than Tibetan.


The bowls are made of between five to nine different metals, and this is why they sing so beautifully when struck or played. Many of the older and more ancient bowls were actually hand beaten, and although today you can get some hand beaten bowls, many are machine made but they still play wonderful sounds and are just as effective in a healing space. 

A lot of the bowls available today are made from a combination of gold, silver, copper, lead, mercury, tin and iron. The bowls come in varying sizes from the tiny machine made Japanese bowls beautifully high pitched to the very large and older style with a rich deep resonance. 

Because the bowls are made up of many metals they do not just produce one tone like the crystal bowls. They will have one dominant tone which will change depending on what type of puja or playing stick you use to play the bowl. 

The bowls i use come directly from a family in Tibet. The wonderful trainers i had the pleasure of doing my Singing Bowl Practioner Course with have been sourcing the bowls from this family for years. As the family make the bowls, they chant and infuse the bowls with beautiful energy.

During a healing session you will be asked to lie on a therapy couch, there is no need to remove any clothing just your shoes. The therapist will play the bowls around you working around your physical body and through your energy field. 

The bowls can also be placed directly on your body (the bowls cannot be played on the body if it is your first treatment.) Having the bowls played or struck whilst on the body enable the vibrations to be amplified and carried throughout your body.

The bowls can be used to realign and balance the energy system, which in turn starts the healing process on the physical, emotional and mental levels. The healing session will be a truly relaxing experience for you. 

After the session you can ask any questions and we will discuss your experience of the healing session.

I recommend a minimum of three treatments to be able to see any changes that start to occur in your energy system.