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Firstly, let me answer the question that you will be thinking... there is no water involved in a sound bath! I will not be sitting in your bathroom while you are in the bath either! 

A sound bath is a beautiful experience where you are bathed in sound, hence the name - sound bath. 

You will need to bring a yoga mat or something to lie on, a blanket or two to keep you warm and snuggly and a pillow.  You may want to bring an extra cushion to put under your knees.

Wear comfy clothes.


It is vital that you are warm and comfortable so you can fully relax and enjoy the experience.

You will sit or lie comfortably  whilst various sounds are played  which will massage every cell in your body with their vibrations.  

Sound will be played intuitively I will be guided to play the sounds needed using the voice and additional instruments. 


You may  experience altered states of consciousness or fall asleep as it extremely relaxing. The sounds will be working on you whether you are aware of them or not. 

Sound Baths are NOT suitable for:

Children under 16

Pregnancy in the first 3 months,
Serious Mental Health conditions,
Life limiting or terminal illness,
Surgery less than 4 weeks ago.

You may still attend, but I need to be aware if you have:

Conditions affecting the ear such as Meniere’s Disease or infection of the ear,

Metal Implants,
Heart Problems,
A condition that may make it difficult or uncomfortable for you to lay on the floor for a length of time.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss if you're not sure, i'm more than happy to advise!

A sound bath can be enjoyed as a treat just for you, or shared with a friend or family member.  

I will be offering different types of sound baths with different instruments and focuses. So watch this space.


If you have an idea for a sound bath, I'd love to hear it and see if we can bring it to reality!