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 Sound Healing with the voice 

Having a sound healing session where I use my voice is a very special healing experience, as the voice is one of the most powerful tools within sound healing.

I will be working intuitively with my natural voice to create the sounds to balance the energy body and the physical body. Different areas of the body vibrate at different frequencies, and if you can imagine the body as an orchestra with each body part vibrating at its perfect frequency. If for instance you have an area that is unbalanced say the violin section in the orchestra, eventually it will affect the rest of the orchestra. The same principle applies to the body; one dysfunctional area will eventually have an effect on other areas.


There are lots of different treatments I offer with the voice, each are detailed below.



































I would always suggest having a basic sound healing treatment with me first to familiarise yourself with what sound healing with the voice entails. Even if you have had sound therapy before, each therapist has their own sound.

If you are unsure what voice treatments to have following this, I will happily guide you to what treatment may be the most beneficial for you.

After the session you can ask any questions and we will discuss your experience of the healing session.

I recommend a minimum of three treatments to be able to see any changes that start to occur in your energy system.

A snippet from a musical interval healing session

Using my voice intuitively to scan your energy for blockages. Toning gently over the whole of your body and voicing any other sounds that I am guided to give you. The tuning forks are used to move energy.

This treatment includes singing into the heart centre which has a very nurturing effect.

Using the Indian scale Sa Ra Ga Ma Pa Da Ni Sa to take you on a gentle musical journey and bring your chakras back into alignment. Each note of the Indian Scale corresponds to a particular chakra. This is a simple, yet deeply effective treatment to rebalance the Chakras.

A musical interval is the space between two notes. Each musical interval has a different effect on our body and emotions. This treatment uses musical intervals to bring both harmonious and discordant sounds to balance and shift stuck energies.

According to the Vedic tradition of ancient India each Chakra has a particular sound, known as 'seedsounds' or Bija mantras. Each chakra is associated with a different element and the sound forms the chakra out of this element.

By sounding the Bija mantras we connect with the element of each chakra and balance them.

Past hurts and upsets get stored in our bodies, particularly our hearts. This treatment assists you to listen to your heart, let it express itself and release through your own voice all that it has been holding onto. Once cleared we then re-sound fill it with a new, free, harmonious sound.

It does not matter if you can sing, our true sounds vary from notes that you would find on a musical scale to primeval, other wordly sounds. Each sound has it's place in our own personal symphony.

*This treatment can be varied and adapted.

Healing pain through sound and your own voice. A empowering and liberating treatment. You will be guided to tune into areas of pain in your body and encouraged to vocalise to release pain. Once the energy has cleared, you will then sound pure, harmonious sounds to re-energise the body and i will join you in this vocalisation. The healing is coming from inside as well as outside as is extremely powerful.